Affordable Restaurant Video Marketing

Now You Can Have YOUR Restaurant, Cafe Or Bistro Showcase By Bobby DoTube.

Affordable Restaurant Video Marketing

If YOU are even thinking about video marketing on the internet, for YOUR food establishment YOU WILL be running into Bobby DoTube. He's on YouTube (#1 video distribution site and 2nd largest search engine in the world) and 10 other major social networks channels. Bobby DoTube  has generated 'a million views' from his food video restaurant reviews since 2005. He's everywhere for a reason. People love his Bobby DoTube restaurant tips.

Now Bobby DoTube is offering to showcase YOUR establishment.

There's only ONE Bobby DoTube.

Watch & Listen to his message to YOU!

Get in now before he fills YOUR slot. A Bobby DoTube Showcase Video Food Review will help grow YOUR business.

A Bobby DoTube Showcase Restaurant & Food Video is best suited for restaurants, cafes and bistros owners seeking to create buzz online and fill orders and seats in their establishment offline.

Affordable Restaurant Video Marketing

Our Goals For YOUR Video Web Commercial

The first goal is the video must attract and engage YOUR targeted audience attention.

The 2nd goal is the video must get YOUR message and offers across in a simple way.

The third and final video goal is the most important goal and that is the video must convert viewers into customers.

YOUR current satisfied business customers have a major positive impact on YOUR conversion rates and revenue with their video testimonials.

If YOU know these things, then why aren't YOU taking advantage of it?

YOU Need To Be SERIOUS And Proactive!

CALL 347-404-6850 NOW!

We specialize in affordable web optimized video marketing for restaurants, cafes, bistros and small businesses in the NYC Tri-State area.

In order to become one of our clients, First: YOU must be able to define and explain YOUR expectations and what it is that YOU hope to gain from video marketing and our relationship with YOU and Second: YOU MUST HAVE A BUDGET.

We offer several affordable completely custom video packages for YOUR business.

Our Professional Quality Video Packages include the following options:

* Free Consultations

* Amazing Special Offers

* Best Showcase Food Video Reviews In NYC By Bobby DoTube.

Affordable Restaurant Video Marketing

Starter Package - Video Package #1 [SPECIAL OFFER Ends June 15th 2013]...

1st. 5 - 30 secs. web promo or testimonials videos $350 per video 5 pack $1,750

These short videos will...

*Build Awareness

*Build Brand

*Build Credibility

*Let YOU Stay Ahead Of Competitors

*Get More Call Inquiries And Sales

2nd 5 - 2 minute web commercial videos $500 per video 5 pack $2,500

3rd 5 - 3 minute web commercial videos $750 per video 5 pack $3,750

4th 5 - 5 minute web commercial videos $1,250 per video 5 pack $6,250

5th 5 - 7 minute web commercial videos $1,500 per video 5 pack $7,500

Plus transportation fees for NYC or areas outside of NYC.

Choose the video package that suits YOUR business needs best.

Then CALL 347-404-6850 Order NOW!

GET started today and let us create a high impact video for YOUR business.

We are an one stop shop for filming, editing, professional photography services and much more!

We serve the hospitality industry. We do restaurants, cafes, bistros, catering services, gourmet chefs, private chefs, wedding videos, fashion event videos, travel videos and more!

Please Note: We DO NOT Service Alcohol Web Commercials, Bar Web Commercials, Casino And/Or Gambling Web Commercials. Thank YOU.

Affordable Restaurant Video Marketing

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