Engage YOUR Potential Restaurant Customers With A Video Food Review

Engage YOUR Potential Restaurant Customers With A Video Food Review

Imagine getting new visitors to YOUR restaurant...

Engage YOUR Potential Restaurant Customers With A Food Review Video By Bobby DoTube

GET New Restaurant Customers With A Video Food Review Of Your Establishment

A Food Review Is Highly Recomended

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Listen there is nothing more powerful than video.
Video is an amazing fast-track way to get visitors,
lots of them to YOUR restaurant.

People who have no clue about what new restaurant to try in NYC love the Bobby DoTube Restaurant Food Reviews.

Bobby does the whole food review in an unique video format and places it on his online DoTube network for exposure.

Bobby DoTube has just under 1,000,000 YouTube views.

This is an unbelievable opportunity!

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Is Your Company Customer-Driven?

This is truly an amazing deal:

Two-Minute Commercial Video

Was $997, Now $497‏ Starting...

Special Bobby DoTube Restaurant Package

5 Two minute videos plus online distribution Only $2,500

Our number one objective is to help YOU achieve your desired restaurant online marketing goals to increase your customer base by providing YOU with a video review and a video series to engage your potential customers that works. We are confident that YOU will find our quality service, competitive prices, and expertise unmatched.

This is a GREAT time to take action and lock in this price point today.

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Engage YOUR Potential Restaurant Customers With A Video Food Review

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Don't Miss This NYC Restaurant Video Marketing Special Package

DoTube Productions Presents...

NYC Restaurant Food Video Showcase Reviews
By Bobby DoTube.

Would YOU Like A NYC Restaurant Showcase Review...
By Bobby DoTube?

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Watch Bobby DoTube Pick Of The Week Below...

Sieze This Opportunity Today

Professional Voice Over Video Food Review Starting $1,500

Simply Pick Up Or Take Out Your Phone And CALL US.

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Because I want to sow some good will and earn capitol with YOU I have an incredible

'Special Promo Video Series Marketing Package' for restaurant owners.

''Ask About Our Special Promo Package V 2012 50% Off''
Limited-Time Offer For NYC Cafes, Restaurants & Cateers Only.

Be Rewarded For Taking Action Today!


* Video Optimization

* Video Web Distribution

Bonus Package Value $2,500

This Special Offer Combined Total Market Value = $7,500

The Current Price For This Special Offer Is $2,500

This Special Offer Includes...

5 Two-Minute Video Commercials (Value $5,000) Discounted 50% Only $2,500


Free Video Optimization And Video Web Distribution Value $2,500

Today 5 Video Series And Bonus Marketing Package For Only $2,500

Price Can Increase At ANYTIME, So YOU Need To CALL Now!

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Don't Miss This NYC Restaurant Video Marketing Special Package
Brought To YOU BY Restaurant Social Media Maketing NYC

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The Secret Of Halsey Street Grill Online Marketing Success

The BIG Reveal...

The Secret Of Halsey Street Grill Online Marketing Success

Discover The BEST Hidden Targeted Traffic Source Right Now

Use The Power Of Google Image Search To GET Notice

Unveiling The Secrets Of Restaurant Online Marketing Success

How good the photos of YOUR food look determines whether or a not a potential customer wants to try YOUR establishment for the first time.

Let me be frank. What I'm about to reveal to YOU is a proven system that produces a very effective promotional and online advertising campaign.

It is a simple online marketing strategy that gave the unknown soul food restaurant in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, New York it's massive exposure online. It drew hundreds of people to check out their web pages online and order take out, delivery and catering services.

We needed to create buzz and make the Halsey Street Grill Restaurant stand out from the very beginning of the campaign. There’s a certain extra edge that’s needed to Jump-Start YOUR efforts and Leap Ahead of YOUR competition – Before they even know what’s happening!

* I created an entire online marketing campaign with an unique strategy with food images to create awareness about Halsey Street Grill.

* The fresh cooked food images captured eyeballs and created desire to those who love soul food.

There is nothing I have ever seen like images to send a brain dead, simple message to the brain. In fact YOU probably have heard a "a picture is worth a thousand words". And I am here to tell YOU-- it's true!

If YOU want to attract potential customers to YOUR website and increase conversion on YOUR landing pages-- and get people calling YOU for take out, delivery, sit down reservations and/or catering YOU need professional photo images.

If YOU are seriously looking to build or boost YOUR online presence the investment for professional images of YOUR business's products and/or services is definitely worth it.

If YOU have professional images but YOU are NOT receiving the results YOU had hoped for it may mean YOUR images are not properly tagged for YOUR targeted audience.

The return of investment for professional product images properly tagged is new customers, repeated customers and revenue.

The Easiest Way To Leverage The Internet And Get Found Online Is Professional Images And Images Text Based Ads.

Images are very important to YOUR online campaign. Images On YOUR website, blog, online profiles and ads are 70% of the effectiveness of YOUR campaign. Images make YOUR Text Ads much more compelling. There are obviously many more factors involved, such as seo and proper tagging.

Professional images by Photographer Steve Kelly captured searchers "eyeballs", created a demand for the restaurant's food. His creative photographic artistry of the restaurant's chef's food put Halsey Street Grill miles ahead of their competition online.

Images and image text based ads turned a little unknown local restaurant to be known and to tripple it's business within 9 months and get local newspaper coverage by the New York Daily News.


Dig in...

Join The Success Of Local Restaurant Business Like Halsey Street Grill.

CALL 347-404-6850 NOW To Start An Awsesome Professional Images And Text Ad Campaign For YOUR Restaurant Today!

Our professional approach to featuring what's best about YOU and YOUR restaurant in NYC will inspire confidence and let YOUR customers see YOU and the specific food products and services YOU have to offer them.

Check It Out

Unveiling Another Secret Of Halsey Street Grill's Online Marketing Success

"Hear What Others Are Saying..."

Halsey Street Grill Testimonial

Add YOUR Comments Below.

The Secret Of Halsey Street Grill Online Marketing Success
Brought To YOU BY Restaurant Social Media Marketing NYC

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"Are YOU Still Struggling To Attract Visitors To YOUR Restaurant?"

"Discover How I Increase Visitors To Halsey Street Grill"
Unveiling The Secrets Of Restaurant Online Marketing Success In NYC...

I asked the restaurant owner for an "irresistible anytime offer"

An "irresistible anytime offer" is an attention grabber, a lead in and the best bait for attracting customers.

… and that’s when he start seeing REAL and SUBSTANTIAL results, his "Irresistible Anytime Offer" was a winner…

... and the take out restaurant menu prices were excellent.

… And The Best Part?

The restaurant owner had hired a fantastic soul food cook and his food was really very good!

Good Fresh Soul Food Homestyle Cooking By The Restaurant's Chef + An "Irresitible" Lead In Offer By The Restaurant's Owner + Quality Food Photographs By A Professional Photographer To Entice And Capture The Quality Of The Cooked Foods And Eyeballs Online + other key marketing elements suggested and strategies set in motion by me = Online Marketing And Social Media Success for Halsey Street Grill!

I want to make it clear, I put my heart and soul into the Halsey Street Grill Online Marketing Campaign. One day around 4 months into the campaign the online results exploded. It seem like the results suddenly appeared out of nowhere and Halsey Street Grill was King on the first Page of Google and Dominate the online search results and the call in, take out and delivery results were incredible. Halsey Street Grill went from no web presence to them crushing it online!

In case I’ve been a little too subtle, we’re talking about Real, Honest Viral Marketing Methods.

It was truly exciting to hear the call volume increase and watch the walk in traffic to the restaurant grow in the winter of 2010. It was one of the worst winters in New York City. And it was wonderful to see the marketing campaign go viral online and offline from ‘word of mouth’, the photographs and Twitter Re-Tweets.

So as YOU can see, ‘going viral’ isn’t just an accident. I have a system. It’s a proven system that can be repeated time and time again. I’ve replicated these results many times for many of my clients, and I can do it for YOU, too. For obvious reasons, I can’t guarantee you’ll get exactly the same results, and I wouldn’t want to, because above all else, I’m an honest person. All I can do is offer YOU exactly what I do… the rest is up to YOU!

Listen there is nothing more to say...

I have made it my life's mission to help as many people as I can grow their business. If YOU are tired of sleepless nights, waking up in the morning with a knot in the pit of YOUR stomach and feeling dread since YOU don't know how to claim and/or set up and optimize Google Places, Get YOUR Business in the right web places to get found by online searchers call me.

It’s up to YOU to take action right now and call me at 347-404-6850

I may even have a couple of surprises in store for YOU…


Ask About...

NEW: Offering DoTube NYC Restaurant Reviews

GREAT YouTube Exposure For Local NYC Restaurants.

Foodies are going CRAZY over it!

They love the DoTube Restaurant Reviews.

What is the investment?

What’s it worth to YOU...


CALL 347-404-6850 NOW!

"Are YOU Still Struggling To Attract Visitors To YOUR Restaurant?"
Brought To YOU BY Restaurant Social Media Markeing NYC

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Restaurant Social Media Marketing NYC Testimonial

Hey Guys,

Are you bewildered about social media marketing?

Looking for online and social media marketing answers?

Who Else Wants The Best Dedicated Social Media Consultant in NYC?

Finally... you've found the person you have been looking for...

Von Doane Social Media Local Marketing Mavern is one of the best investments I made for growing my restaurant business.

I have been working with Von Doane, Social Media Consultant in NYC, for quite some time now and not only is she a solid business person she know her stuff very well. Von Doane believes in business ethics and delivering value. She offers and provides real value to restaurant business owners in NYC. She provides a number of Web 2.0 platforms that many businesses are benefiting from in the local area whether they are home-based or brick and mortar store fronts like my business.

I first met her at my restaurant, Halsey Street Grill, in July 2010. She was a customer who enjoyed our homestyle cooked soul food. I had no idea how she would change my life and help my business grow. Since then we have built a strong business relationship. She is a master of online marketing incuding SEO. I wanted a web presence for my restaurant business. What she did was discussed my needs and online aspirations and offer solutions to create my business online presence.

Von Doane did an online Web 2.0 marketing strategy for my soul food restaurant and catering business that gave my business a competitive edge and prominent placement in the search engine listings that dramatically increased my business. I've been using this Web 2.0 marketing strategy for quite a while now, with great success. It has given my business real results -- new call in orders, take out, delivery and catering customers.

I am AUTOMATICALLY able to tap into a great number of online and offline take out and food delivery retail transactions. Just to let you know that I highly recommend Von Doane's Restaurant Social Media Marketing for NYC restaurant owners.
If you are anything like me, this will really help you.

You are in business for yourself but you are not by yourself.

Everything is DONE FOR YOU, so...

* You don't have to learn ANY complicated HTML code to tweak your pages

* You don't have to take months of your time to find out WHAT works the best

* ... OR you don't need to have ANY technical knowledge whatsoever!

If you are looking for a real team player and TRUE internet marketing for your business then do yourself a Favor call her for a consultation and BOOK MARK this page!!

So, if you want to get more customers (or even get your first customer!..), or if you don't know about social media and online marketing you can get an online presence and you can get all the work done for you with the services she offers.

Yes, there is true online marketing help out here and you just found it.

WHAT TO DO NOW: Von Doane's online marketing system truly "works"...

My strongest suggestion to you is to call her.

In fact it's easier than reading this post...

Problem is the free consultations are limited so you *MUST* grab yours NOW:

CALL 347-404-6850

Remember, you get your entire internet marketing with everything included 'done for you'... I don't know if there's any other easier way than this - seriously.

And she's kept it *shockingly* affordable, which I appreciate (and you will too!)

Check it out right away, before all the limited spots are filled:

CALL 347-404-6850

CALL Von Doane and say...

Lets Do This!

Shawn Legree
Halsey Street Grill Restaurant Owner
Brooklyn, New York

Restaurant Social Media Marketing NYC Testimonial

Join The Conversation Leave A Comment Below

Restaurant Social Media Marketing NYC Testimonial
Brought To YOU BY Restaurant Social Media Marketing NYC

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