Restaurant Social Media Marketing NYC Testimonial

Hey Guys,

Are you bewildered about social media marketing?

Looking for online and social media marketing answers?

Who Else Wants The Best Dedicated Social Media Consultant in NYC?

Finally... you've found the person you have been looking for...

Von Doane Social Media Local Marketing Mavern is one of the best investments I made for growing my restaurant business.

I have been working with Von Doane, Social Media Consultant in NYC, for quite some time now and not only is she a solid business person she know her stuff very well. Von Doane believes in business ethics and delivering value. She offers and provides real value to restaurant business owners in NYC. She provides a number of Web 2.0 platforms that many businesses are benefiting from in the local area whether they are home-based or brick and mortar store fronts like my business.

I first met her at my restaurant, Halsey Street Grill, in July 2010. She was a customer who enjoyed our homestyle cooked soul food. I had no idea how she would change my life and help my business grow. Since then we have built a strong business relationship. She is a master of online marketing incuding SEO. I wanted a web presence for my restaurant business. What she did was discussed my needs and online aspirations and offer solutions to create my business online presence.

Von Doane did an online Web 2.0 marketing strategy for my soul food restaurant and catering business that gave my business a competitive edge and prominent placement in the search engine listings that dramatically increased my business. I've been using this Web 2.0 marketing strategy for quite a while now, with great success. It has given my business real results -- new call in orders, take out, delivery and catering customers.

I am AUTOMATICALLY able to tap into a great number of online and offline take out and food delivery retail transactions. Just to let you know that I highly recommend Von Doane's Restaurant Social Media Marketing for NYC restaurant owners.
If you are anything like me, this will really help you.

You are in business for yourself but you are not by yourself.

Everything is DONE FOR YOU, so...

* You don't have to learn ANY complicated HTML code to tweak your pages

* You don't have to take months of your time to find out WHAT works the best

* ... OR you don't need to have ANY technical knowledge whatsoever!

If you are looking for a real team player and TRUE internet marketing for your business then do yourself a Favor call her for a consultation and BOOK MARK this page!!

So, if you want to get more customers (or even get your first customer!..), or if you don't know about social media and online marketing you can get an online presence and you can get all the work done for you with the services she offers.

Yes, there is true online marketing help out here and you just found it.

WHAT TO DO NOW: Von Doane's online marketing system truly "works"...

My strongest suggestion to you is to call her.

In fact it's easier than reading this post...

Problem is the free consultations are limited so you *MUST* grab yours NOW:

CALL 347-404-6850

Remember, you get your entire internet marketing with everything included 'done for you'... I don't know if there's any other easier way than this - seriously.

And she's kept it *shockingly* affordable, which I appreciate (and you will too!)

Check it out right away, before all the limited spots are filled:

CALL 347-404-6850

CALL Von Doane and say...

Lets Do This!

Shawn Legree
Halsey Street Grill Restaurant Owner
Brooklyn, New York

Restaurant Social Media Marketing NYC Testimonial

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Restaurant Social Media Marketing NYC Testimonial
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