"Are YOU Still Struggling To Attract Visitors To YOUR Restaurant?"

"Discover How I Increase Visitors To Halsey Street Grill"
Unveiling The Secrets Of Restaurant Online Marketing Success In NYC...

I asked the restaurant owner for an "irresistible anytime offer"

An "irresistible anytime offer" is an attention grabber, a lead in and the best bait for attracting customers.

… and that’s when he start seeing REAL and SUBSTANTIAL results, his "Irresistible Anytime Offer" was a winner…

... and the take out restaurant menu prices were excellent.

… And The Best Part?

The restaurant owner had hired a fantastic soul food cook and his food was really very good!

Good Fresh Soul Food Homestyle Cooking By The Restaurant's Chef + An "Irresitible" Lead In Offer By The Restaurant's Owner + Quality Food Photographs By A Professional Photographer To Entice And Capture The Quality Of The Cooked Foods And Eyeballs Online + other key marketing elements suggested and strategies set in motion by me = Online Marketing And Social Media Success for Halsey Street Grill!

I want to make it clear, I put my heart and soul into the Halsey Street Grill Online Marketing Campaign. One day around 4 months into the campaign the online results exploded. It seem like the results suddenly appeared out of nowhere and Halsey Street Grill was King on the first Page of Google and Dominate the online search results and the call in, take out and delivery results were incredible. Halsey Street Grill went from no web presence to them crushing it online!

In case I’ve been a little too subtle, we’re talking about Real, Honest Viral Marketing Methods.

It was truly exciting to hear the call volume increase and watch the walk in traffic to the restaurant grow in the winter of 2010. It was one of the worst winters in New York City. And it was wonderful to see the marketing campaign go viral online and offline from ‘word of mouth’, the photographs and Twitter Re-Tweets.

So as YOU can see, ‘going viral’ isn’t just an accident. I have a system. It’s a proven system that can be repeated time and time again. I’ve replicated these results many times for many of my clients, and I can do it for YOU, too. For obvious reasons, I can’t guarantee you’ll get exactly the same results, and I wouldn’t want to, because above all else, I’m an honest person. All I can do is offer YOU exactly what I do… the rest is up to YOU!

Listen there is nothing more to say...

I have made it my life's mission to help as many people as I can grow their business. If YOU are tired of sleepless nights, waking up in the morning with a knot in the pit of YOUR stomach and feeling dread since YOU don't know how to claim and/or set up and optimize Google Places, Get YOUR Business in the right web places to get found by online searchers call me.

It’s up to YOU to take action right now and call me at 347-404-6850

I may even have a couple of surprises in store for YOU…


Ask About...

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What is the investment?

What’s it worth to YOU...


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"Are YOU Still Struggling To Attract Visitors To YOUR Restaurant?"
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