Are YOU Ready For Video Marketing?

Are YOU Ready For Video Marketing?

Today, video is very powerful to engage YOUR restaurant potential customers.

Are YOU looking to attract more customers to YOUR restaurant?

We create and sell high quality videos for web advertising.

We offer YOU the ability to make the perfect first impression.

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I had to pull a few strings, but it is totally worth it to get Bobby DoTube
to showcase YOUR restaurant and do a review for YOU at a phenomenal rate.

Bobby DoTube is "One Of The GREATEST Food Reviewers In NYC".

Bobby DoTube has a passion and an appreciate for great tasting food, fashion, music, travel and weddings...

Are YOU Catering Weddings?

Spend Your Advertising Dollars Wisely

Spend It Where People Will FIND YOU.... Online.

Want a Professionally created video produced for YOUR restaurant or catering service?

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Now YOU can get that Professional Online Two Minute Commercial for PENNIES of what this might cost if YOU went to a big commercial T.V. or video production studio!

Now, here is the BIG question?

What's the cost?

Look commercials are expensive and Bobby DoTube doesn't usually come cheap...

We are offering...

A Special Video Commercial And Exclusive Marketing Packages For NYC Restaurants, Cafes And Catering Services. * Limited Time Offer.

YOUR business is an investment. If YOU are NOT ready to invest in it, YOU will never grow beyond were YOU are right now.

Are YOU Ready For Video Marketing?

Let me excitedly introduce Bobby DoTube.

Check Out Bobby DoTube Fans Rave Reviews

To schedule YOUR "Bobby DoTube" video shoot appointment

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We SCRIPT, shoot and edit short videos at restaurants venues across NYC for video marketing and the restaurant reviews DoTube channel. We create and produce high quality videos from concept to finish product for the web.

A link to some of the DoTube Feature Videos Of The Week.

* Are YOU A Known Restaurant?

* Already Have Online Videos?

* Are YOU using them to YOUR advantage?

* Do YOU Have A Food Review Video?

Impress YOUR Potential Customers And YOUR Customers With Our Video Production And Restaurant Review Services.

GET Reviewed By Bobby DoTube. Potential NEW Customers Judge YOUR Restaurant By The Online Reviews They Read.

With an opportunity like this what are YOU waiting for?


I believe, every business should consider video to maximize its marketing efforts and return on investment. We sell high quality videos to restaurant businesses in all categories: sit down dining, take out, delivery and catering services in NYC.

Are YOU Ready For Video Marketing?

Video is a cost effective solution. We provide high quality video production, post-production, sound design, graphic design and can include music and/or voice overs. We provide restaurant video marketing services at very affordable prices.

We are looking to work with restaurant owners who are looking to take their business to the next level. Marketing with video get results.

* YOU must have a marketing budget

* YOU must be the decision maker

* YOU are willing to take a chance and invest for YOUR business

* YOU have an open mind

My Team and I want to hear from YOU.

We specialize in helping small business get customers, not just getting customers to their website...

Big Difference.

NOTE: In order for us to help YOU grow YOUR restaurant business with video marketing YOU must have a willingness to try new ideas and experiment with new things like Web 2.0 platforms, social media and video marketing that are trending and happening online today.

We're not YOUR ordinary marketing company. We're creative "out of the box thinkers and explorers", passionate and experienced professionals with extraordinary talent. Who place the highest emphasis on planning and executing a strategic web presence for YOUR business.

Are YOU Ready For Video Marketing?

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